Other Working Breeds, Like The Pit Bull

April 28, 2007

Yes I have many Pit Bulls, but I also have other dogs. One of my favorite other breeds is Patterdale Terriers.

They remind of little mini Pit Bulls. I have seen these little (10-25lbs.) dogs take down full grown pigs before with ease. I don’t under estimate them at all. I currently have 3 and I must say they have no problems holding there own outthere on the yard.


Muzzling your Pit

March 24, 2007

Im not a huge fan of muzzling dogs because it makes them look mean and all. However sometimes a muzzle is essential! I was on my favorite site, Dog, and found a really good quality muzzle, I bought 3 of them, check them out and tell me what you think. After they ship myn I’ll give you all a good review on it.

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Pit Bull Collars

February 4, 2007

So a commen question I get is, what kind of collar should I use to keep my crazy dog tied up… well, heres what worked for me for years:
If your a typical Pit Bull owner I recomend a regualr old 2″ wide nylon collar. The best place I’ve found to buy them is here:

If you have a Larger setup and more dogs you’ll need to go more heavy duty, in which case i recomend:
Your local feed store

Response to a comment:

January 22, 2007

Well I agree with alll that you say, sounds like ya just reconfirmed what Ive said all along, lol. Yes there is a debate between Am staffs and APBT’s and I think the only reason it exist is because people cannot understand the difference.

On another note, the majority of people with “American Pit Bull Terriers” use them for house pets and show dogs.
for instance this site, www.DownSouthKennels.com – breeds show dogs, period. As opposed to other kennels (that I wont mention) breed for the real qualitites of a Pit Bull.

Now, dont get this confused. I have seen gamedogs, yes gamedogs, not gamebred dogs, at an ADBA show many times! Ive seen Gr. Ch. Machobuck before:
Gr Ch Machobuck
and he is by no means just a show dog.

The Future Of Gamedogs & Game Bred Dogs.

January 21, 2007

Gamedogs are slowly becoming extinct. There more and more people just breeding dogs for cute puppies and trying to make a fat buck that it’s hurting honest people with honest kennels. To many people just want to jump in the pit bull business and not learn the necessities needed to run a successful kennel. I think theres not much of a future, it will continue to die down until a select few who honestly beleive in what these dogs are are left. I think “pit bull enthusiast” concentrate to much on BSL( Breed Specific Legislation) and not on the core, heart of what these dogs are.
Long live the true American Pit Bull Terrier
Butcher Boy

Pit bulls on chains

January 19, 2007

got another comment on the ‘pitbull on chains’ post.

I have atleast 100 pictures of my two sons playing with all of my dogs on chains,.

just becuse there on chains does not in any way make them meaner, or mean that they are mean. I simply do it because my dogs are Pit Bulls, and naturally they dont like other dogs, no matter how much you socialize certain, gamebred dogs, they will never like other dogs, does this mean they wont like humans? NO WAY!

You dont have to socialize dogs to make them nice, a well bred dog will not be human aggressive period. regardless of the circumstances. Like I said before, My dogs dont like each other, its there nature, They love everything else…including the cat that sneaks over at night and walks on my car, lol. just not each other, they werent bred TO like each other.

Pit Bull Sizes

January 17, 2007

This is a queation John had.
Hello, I wanted to know if you could tell me at what age is a pitbull full grown or around what age do they stop growing.

hey John,
I consider a Pit Bull full grown and mature at age 2. They normally stop growing around a year and a half. Hope that helps