Pit Bull Sizes

This is a queation John had.
Hello, I wanted to know if you could tell me at what age is a pitbull full grown or around what age do they stop growing.

hey John,
I consider a Pit Bull full grown and mature at age 2. They normally stop growing around a year and a half. Hope that helps


One Response to Pit Bull Sizes

  1. I have to smile. I adopted my AmStaff at 6 months old, and took her to obedience training shortly thereafter. At 9 months, she was about 16 inches at the shoulder. Okay, she stopped growing up, but nobody told me about her growing OUT! She outgrew two harnesses in short order. Her neck is so smooth, hooking a leash to a normal collar didn’t work–she’d slip her collar. She also didn’t respect a harness. I used a Gentle Leader head collar in her obedience training and it works wonderfully, and she hasn’t outgrown it yet. She’ll be 3 years old next month.

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