Other Working Breeds, Like The Pit Bull

Yes I have many Pit Bulls, but I also have other dogs. One of my favorite other breeds is Patterdale Terriers.

They remind of little mini Pit Bulls. I have seen these little (10-25lbs.) dogs take down full grown pigs before with ease. I don’t under estimate them at all. I currently have 3 and I must say they have no problems holding there own outthere on the yard.


5 Responses to Other Working Breeds, Like The Pit Bull

  1. pitbullapbt says:

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  2. feigndeaf says:

    How cute! A miniature pitty!

  3. Coming across your blog was the first time I had ever heard of a Patterdale Terrier. I did some research on them and the seem to be an amazing breed especially with their size. I just recently got a pitbull at 6 weeks and I love how smart she is. She has developed into a beautiful pitbull. You can check out my blog here at http://thelifeofmarley.blogspot.com/

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