The Infamous “35”

December 29, 2006

Well as promised, here is a quick story of the famous dog “35” He weighed only 35 lbs. and was bought by Tudor I wanna say. I am not exactly sure. 35 was a phenomenal dog! HE was bought from a crack head for…you guessed it, $35.00!

Well 35 went on to become a Grand Champion and he wasnt ever registered. I have not seen any dogs down from this bloodline which leads me to beleive he couldnt produce anything that was worth writing home about.

but there you have it. A dog bought for 35 bucks that probably was worth 5,000 when he died.




December 28, 2006

So people are always wanting to know, how much should I pay for a dog? So here’s what I normally pay…

For a puppy, depending on the bloodline and parents $300-$600
 – Theres no point in spending $1,000+ on a puppy when you dont really know ANYTHING about it. A $300 dog can be just as good, if not better, than a $1,000 dog. **(Read Tomorow and I’ll give you a perfect example!)

For a full grown gyp (Strictly Breeding Female) I’d pay around $2,000

For a hunting dog (one that is full grown and ready to go) Somewhere around $1,000-$2,000

Now im talking strictly gamedogs, for blue dogs thats a WHOLE other game. They range from $300-$5,000+ !!!

So, tomorrow I will be giving a real good of example of how size doesn’t always matter and how you can get an awesome dog and not have to pay 1,000 bucks for it. 🙂

Feeding Time!

December 27, 2006

Diamond Dog Food
Well, also in inspiration of winter time, i decided to blog about feeding you pit bulls.
To start I use Diamond Dog Food. It’s a quality feed and doesn’t hurt the wallet. I also recomend Canidae. I do not recomend Ukanuba, or however you spell it.

Now, how much should you feed? Of course everyone is a dog food expert som I’m just going to tell you how much I feed. I give all my dogs, on a regualr day, 2-1/2  –  3-1/2 cups of dry food a day. This changes depending on the dog, the weather, and if there conditioning or not. If there conditioing I feed a little chicken broth and max. protein dog food. If it’s cold, like now, I give them a little less ’cause I dont walk/work them as much.

I am interested in knowing what everyone wants me to blog about. Please, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll answer 🙂

Keeping you dogs warm

December 26, 2006

well, Merry Christmas to everyone!

I have been really busy with the holidays and dogs! I figured its a good time to talk about keeping your dog warm in those cold winter months.

If you live in the south, like me, you dont have to worry so much, but I have friends in Canada with over 50 dogs and boy are they having fun…

I think the best way to keep em warm is some hay. I also think that having a smaller dog house keeps them warm.
I use small triangler ones that look really tiny, but it REALLY helps keep the dogs warm. the reason is if you have a large dog house the warm air from there bodies escapes outs very easily making it tough to get warm.

Some people also use blankets and stuff but that can get expensive, not to mention messy.

gamedogs and gamebred dogs

December 21, 2006

Whats the difference? Theres a big one.
A gamedog is a dog that actually competes in gamedog activities and IS a gamedog.
A game bred dog is a dog bred FROM gamedogs. A few common gamedog bloodlines are Chinaman, Redboy, Yellow, some Colby bloodlines, and Alligator. Thos of course are only a few.
A dog can be gamebred AND NOT be a gamedog. Alot of people do this.

Super Light Dogs

December 19, 2006

I was reading somewhere about a dog that weighed like 25 lbs. or something full grown. Thats insane. The smallest dog ive ever seen was a female named doiley and she was 33. Her head was enourmous and way out of perportion. It may have been the effects of long time inbreeding, im not sure.

Starting A Kennel

December 15, 2006

If you have, or plan on starting a kennel, here is a bit of advice.
Now to start, for everyone thats new, When I say kennel, I mean become a breeder. Alot of time people say, oh, your a kennel owner, Can I keep my pet with you? lol, no. Im not a damn boarding kennel.

Anyway, here is how I went about starting my kennel and foundation.

First, I got the best female I could get my hand on, I paid $2,000 dollars for her, Now, Ive been given dogs for free that were awesome so money doesnt always count. But i had seen this dog perform and new she had what it took.

I then lined up three of the top studs at the time, One matching her bloodline real close, one was her father, and the other was a heavy mouthed dog.
My bitch really lacked in the mouth but was game and could throw some decent puppies.

I decided to back her up to the hard mouthed dog. He was Mayday bred. The pups came out great, there was 5 of them. At the time I only had one dog. I kept all of the puppies, raised them, and seen how they acted. I then took my best make and best femal and bred them like this…Female went back into the my foundations dad, the one i was gonna breed to, and male went into another breeding simiar to this one. I then had about 13 pups/dogs all around. I decided to shorten back some. It took 6 months but I evaluated each dog carefully. I kept my best 6 and found another home for the rest. I now had 6 of the best dogs/pups on my side of town, the heat was picking up, and I knew word would get out about my beast, It was time for a show down…
2 be continued…