My Favorite Bloodline

October 31, 2006

This is another tough, controversial, and ofter confusing topic. My favorite bloodline thus far is the Fargo bloodline. Fargo came from Turtlebuster, which is posted a few post below. I like the Fargo line beacuse its a tough line to find and the dogs seem to have real hard mouthes.
Gaines' Fargo


A Bloodline

October 30, 2006

Bloodlines are probably one of the most complicated things when talking about the pit bull. Everyone wants to know which ones are the best… Which ones do this… Which ones do that… Well I’m here to tell you ALL DOGS ARE DIFFERENT!
Now on to what a Bloodline is.
A bloodline in the ‘old days’ was based on who bred the dog. For instance is Tom Garner had a nice yard and many dogs came down from him the line of dog was considered the Tome Garners line.
These days however we base it which dog it came from.

we will take Chinaman for instance, or the Chinaman bloodline.
Chinaman was a fantastic dog, good in all aspects, and worthy of breeding, thus he became a ROM dog. Since he was so good at producing, the bloodline, Chinaman was formed.
So when people say they have a dog with the bloodline Chinaman in him, it means that somewhere back in his pedigree the Chinaman dog can be found.

Theres different twist and turns to go along with this and I will explain them as we go on.

A Dog Worth Mentioning

October 29, 2006

Gaines’ Ch. Turtlebuster (3xW)
well as you’ve learned so far, a Ch. stands for Champion, and the 3xW means he’s won 3 shows, making him a Ch.
Gaines' Champion Turtlebuster 3xW
Click His Pic For A Pedigree*
Here is a little excerpt from the book by Richard Stratton.
This dog with the odd name is the essence of gameness and everything that is good in a Bulldog, including outstanding temperament. He was an eager worker and easy to condition. He seemingly viewed films of his opponent’s matches and went into battle with a game plan. Turtlebuster was sired by Brutus, who in turn was down from the great Kingfish dog that has sired so many good Pit Bulls, and out of Gaines’s Game and Grit.

So what makes this dog interesting? He produced very well for one, and two this “bloodline” is
fairly hard to find.

In the near future I will be going in depth about pedigrees, what they mean, how
to read them, and Etc.

How To Use A Flirt Pole

October 29, 2006

Maximum Prey Drive generously contributed the following to our website. Make sure you visit their website if you are interested in getting a Flirt Pole.

Flirt Pole

—————-How to use a flirt pole———–

It’s best to gradually work your dog a little more each time, in gradual steps. He will become more efficient at catching the hide,and you will become more proficient at keeping it away from him.

So with this in mind, if this is your first time using the flirt pole please stay away from making your dog jump high, as he could injure himself if not done properly.

OK the way to use a pole. First get him excited about it with your voice when you take it out for him to play with, dance it around him wiggle it, shake it, all the while getting him excited with what ever words you use.

When your are in position let the hide touch the ground a little then whip it away from him just out of his reach low to the ground, this will help him maximize his leverage when the hide suddenly changes position, let him charge it as you swing it away from him, just as he is ready to catch it, pop it up a little just over his head, and swing it in the opposite direction, also do the same in a figure eight motion.

You can also do a couple of complete circles, but not to many as this will make the dog dizzy.

Jumping- Do this gradually also, start out easy. Pups will learn to jump and keep their balance eventually, but start them out low as they may land wrong and injure themselves. Once they show more balance then go little higher, my oldest dog twist in mid air then lands on all fours just like you see with those Frisbee dogs, so will most dogs eventually, be patient. Hang hide in front of him make him lean forward so his balance is right, then when he leaps forward move the hide back so he jumps forward, this will teach him balance and give him a feel for jumping up and landing on all fours while trying to snatch something out of mid air, if he does catch it praise him.

When my dogs catch the hide, I let them pull me forward a few yards so they get a good hind end work out, as well as have to breath with their mouth holding on to something, the way a catch dog would try to if he had a hogs ear in his mouth. I do so without bending pole, but rather hold the pole in a position so the direct tension is on the rope, pole would be horizontal to dogs mouth, with rope taking all the tension while you hold on to the grip.

Shake and hold-If you have a puppy that is starting out or older dog, when he catches the hide and shakes it, praise him and encourage him to do this more, some dogs are a natural and some can to be taught this, use a command then praise him in a excited voice or use a command such as “SHAKE IT” “SHAKE IT” or “ACTION” “ACTION” so they associate a word with the action.

>Incorporate it with other exercises<
I like to tease my dog when I walk him, I will hang the hide right in his face, I let him chase the pole around for awhile and when he catches the hide I play the wait game, I sit there for twenty minutes at a time with him holding that hide in his mouth, to me this is a good sign when a dog is well-worn and still wont let go of that hide, its a great work out for your dog. This can also be done after hand walking, bicycle sprints, or whatever routine you use.

Warning-Never leave your Dogs unattended with Pole.

Poles are intended for teasing biting&pulling purpose only, and not for lifting of the animal, as this will cause damage to the pole. When animal catches hide it is suggested to use breaking stick or let it retreat with hide and snatch quickly when he/she is out of hold. Or do the shake and hold or pulling routine as suggested above.

Store pole out of the sun, away from animal when not in use,I am not responsible for owner negligence

What Do All These Titles Mean?!?

October 29, 2006

Have you seen titles like Ch., Gr. Ch., (ROM), 1xW, 2xW ETC.? Well I will explain them now to clear up the confusion amongst them.
1xW– When A dog wins one show
2xW– When A dog win two shows
3xW– Equals a CH. status which is Champion
4xW– Almost A Gr. Ch. But has one 4 shows
5xW– A Grand Champion- Has won 5 shows or more.
Ch.– Won at least 3 shows in a row
Gr. Ch.– Won at least 5 shows in a row
ROM– Produced X amount of Champions and Grand Champions. A ROM dog is highly desirable because they can produce good dogs
1xGL– Lost a show but lost game
BIS– Could have won or lost a show but was awarded a Best In Show Title
GIS– Awarded a Gamest In Show Title

Did I forget one? Comment and tell me!

ADBA (American Dog Breeders Assoc.) Is Now Registering Other Breeds!

October 29, 2006

Well for those who don’t know, the ADBA was the source for registering your pit bull, it appears now however they are registering all other breeds. This in turn has sent a wave of madness amongst pit bull owners. Many say it’s because of greed, others don’t seem to mind.
Many dog owners are actually asking for there money back and withdrawing there pedigrees from them. Where will they go?
more than likely to one of the following:
Rapid Reply
Sporting Dog Registry

oh and I almost forgot, search Pitoogle for more registries.

Added a bundle of sites today

October 29, 2006

About 100 to be exact. Something is wrong with Google Analytics though, its not updating at all. Hmmm.