Welcome to the Pit Bull dog. I consider myself an expert on the breed. I’ve been involved for some time now and there’s not much I don’t know. I may not know everything about every specific dog and bloodline, but i know enough to get by 🙂


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  1. john says:

    Hello, I wanted to know if you could tell me at what age is a pitbull full grown or around what age do they stop growing. thank you for your time. john

  2. sarah says:

    i think a pit bull grows up too be at least 113 years old. Can you tell me how old they can get before they die so i can get a good answer for my homeworke. i dont belive my teacher knows it after all she doesnt kno much about amiican pit bull terriers

  3. ashely says:

    hey!! can you tell me how old a pit bull gets before it dies because i am not sure and no body elts know at my house. i would like a pit bull but i am not sure how old they get so i am not sure if they would die before me or if they would live longer then me so please tell me so i can try to get one
    love always ashley griffin

  4. hey what is the biggest bades dog around. cuz i need a good dog but a bad one at the same time i need a good hard working dog that will whatch over my house when i am gona out to work or to dinner with my husban so please tell me what kind of dog i will need love always
    Ashley griffin

  5. pitbull says:

    An American Pit Bull Terrier lives on average 13 years. (human yrs.) What kind of question is this? “whats the biggest baddest dog around” ? All dogs are different, You obviously are not ready for a Pit Bull. You need to read more and buy some mase so you dont harm this breeds name anymore than it already it.

  6. okay i was just asking how long they live until because my little sister has a homework eximent and we thought hey maby someone on the computer would know how long they live for? and yes i am ready for a pit bull i have had one for 6 years. and how am i harming this breed buy asking a simple question????????

  7. pitbull says:

    Some questions you shouldnt ask, These dogs WERE NOT made to be mean to humans, period. Yes, they tend to be dog aggressive but absolutley NOT human aggressive.

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