Pit bulls on chains

got another comment on the ‘pitbull on chains’ post.

I have atleast 100 pictures of my two sons playing with all of my dogs on chains,.

just becuse there on chains does not in any way make them meaner, or mean that they are mean. I simply do it because my dogs are Pit Bulls, and naturally they dont like other dogs, no matter how much you socialize certain, gamebred dogs, they will never like other dogs, does this mean they wont like humans? NO WAY!

You dont have to socialize dogs to make them nice, a well bred dog will not be human aggressive period. regardless of the circumstances. Like I said before, My dogs dont like each other, its there nature, They love everything else…including the cat that sneaks over at night and walks on my car, lol. just not each other, they werent bred TO like each other.


4 Responses to Pit bulls on chains

  1. white_pit says:

    Ya right. My pit likes other dogs, and pits,and cats, and rodent, birds, you name it. I think its bull crap that you say they shouldnt be people aggressive in any circumstance, cause you dont want to come over to my house drunk and loud and aggressive! If anyone gets abusive with me she’d rip them a new mouth, in thier throat!

  2. pitbull says:

    wow, you must have self issues if you want your ‘pit’ mean. Ill say it again like ive said a million times, THE REAL AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE HUMAN AGGRESIVE. If that dog were to bitw me ON MY YARD, and it was apart of MY BREEDING program it would be put down no questions asked


  3. Leon Bourne says:

    You can bring up a pit bull to be non agressive to other dogs. You simply need to socialise them from a young age.
    The problems occur when other dogs become agressive to a pitbull.
    I live in Thailand and there are a lot of street(feral) dogs here, I always walk my pitbull on a lead and carry a short cane.
    If another dog approaces us in an agressive manner I simply slap the cane against my leg and they usually run away, if not they get a sharp whack across the arse, that gives them a little reminder for future reference.
    To date my Pitbull has never attacked another dog and has an endless, (and growing), list of canine friends that we have to greet on our daily walks.

  4. Leon Bourne says:

    Sorry I have been reading so many blogs that I think I commented on the wrong one… :-{

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