Pit Bull Collars

So a commen question I get is, what kind of collar should I use to keep my crazy dog tied up… well, heres what worked for me for years:
If your a typical Pit Bull owner I recomend a regualr old 2″ wide nylon collar. The best place I’ve found to buy them is here:

If you have a Larger setup and more dogs you’ll need to go more heavy duty, in which case i recomend:
Your local feed store


4 Responses to Pit Bull Collars

  1. Lovemypit says:


    Just looked at the dog.com site, and couldn’t find those Nylon Collars on there?
    Anywhere else I can find them, that will ship to Australia too


  2. Sen says:

    Wow…Fantastic info for the pitbull owners. Keep up your good work. Why don’t u peep into my pitbull site?

  3. pinkforpets says:

    I personally like the pinch collars for my sweet pit bull.

    It doesn’t hurt them, just a slight pinch when they pull – but it looks tougher than the pain. Much more humane for your sweet pit bull too -MUCH MUCH better than a choke collar.

    Speaking of sweet pit bulls, I saw a good article about our favorite dogs on My.Arfie.com, check it out – http://my.arfie.com/profiles/blogs/pit-bulls-are-sweet-and-smart

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