Response to a comment:

Well I agree with alll that you say, sounds like ya just reconfirmed what Ive said all along, lol. Yes there is a debate between Am staffs and APBT’s and I think the only reason it exist is because people cannot understand the difference.

On another note, the majority of people with “American Pit Bull Terriers” use them for house pets and show dogs.
for instance this site, – breeds show dogs, period. As opposed to other kennels (that I wont mention) breed for the real qualitites of a Pit Bull.

Now, dont get this confused. I have seen gamedogs, yes gamedogs, not gamebred dogs, at an ADBA show many times! Ive seen Gr. Ch. Machobuck before:
Gr Ch Machobuck
and he is by no means just a show dog.


2 Responses to Response to a comment:

  1. PITBULLS RULE says:

    for sure theres been game dogs in the ring and won a ribbon or two for sure.i guess im just kind old fashioned when it comes to thinkin about a pit bull as being SUPERDOG!CLIMB A TREE IN A SINGLE BOUND!ALWAYS FEARLESS IN THE FACE DANGER!THE FAMILY MEMBER YOU ALWAYS WANTED! know,not SHOW DOG!BRED FOR LOOKS!NOT TO SAY THAT THE APBT IS,TO ME AND I HOPE ALL OF YOU ON THIS BLOG,THE BEST LOOKIN DOG IN THE F’ING WORLD.if im not mistaken and please pardon me cuz my apbt history is bit rusty,but isnt there a link to am staffs back to colby dogs?if not please correct me,i think i heard that from an old friend.but if this is true,then that would be a prime example of a REAL apbt turn show dog.what im fearing in the breeding strictly for color is that its going to lead to a dog that looks really cool,but has lost its essence,no more superdog…and that would suck major eggs.AM STAFFS ARE NOT APBTS.shoot,just look at em’ if you dont want it to be proven by seeing em’ work.keep the faith.

  2. pitbull says:

    yes, Alot of Amstaffs do lead back to the Colby dogs. thats the era when they began to break down the dogs into seperate breeds. I love your enthusiasm for the breed. It’s great and I wish more people were like that!

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