Studs (aka a good producing male pit bull) are a key element for breeding dogs. IF you just take any old “red” pit bull and breed her to your girl, the chances of a good dog coming out are slim to none. do your research! find out the best bloddline for your dog, and go with it. Breeding quality dogs, and becoming good at it, takes years of expeirence. I suggest you leave breeding to professionals unless your fully prepared to keep every puppy and DO YOUR RESEARCH!

The average stud fee is $400
which isnt bad at all.

So if you want to start your own ‘yard’ or kennel, you go out, buy the best female you can find, line up the dogs papers, like up the dogs performance wise and breed your female to the best stud you can find. Then keep/trade your pups and continue breeding.
thats the very basic idea of creating a solid foundation of dogs. Theres alot more detail involved so feel free to ask questions!


2 Responses to Studs

  1. 101pits says:

    could you tell me step by step the way of starting a foundation?

  2. 101pits says:

    And if you couldnt keep a dog on your property where would you keep it?

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