Putting Pit Bulls On Chains…

Alot of new people, well, people in general do not beleive in putting a dog on a chain. My input is, if you have only one dog, keep him inside, if you have more than one, put em on a chain.

I dont mean that as in just a chain, my setup is half chains and the other half 20 ft. kennel runs.
I DONT beleive in using monter size chains, there just no reason. Put a nice size chain that your FOR SURE will hold your dog and stick with it.


2 Responses to Putting Pit Bulls On Chains…

  1. Tony Heaton says:

    My only question in response to this is, Is the dog mean because he is on a chain?, or is he on a chain because he is mean? I have 4 large 50 – 85 lb mixed breed dogs, 4 breeder pitbulls 45 – 83 lbs and a 17 week old pitbull puppy, plus 7 cats that are all in my house. I let them in the house so that they are better socialized with people and other animals. They have a large fenced in area outside to run and play in as well as go potty. my wife and I raise and breed pitbulls as family pets. they are not raised to fight. If you chain a dog up and don’t socialize it with people or other animals, you are asking for trouble later. A well socialized dog, is a happy dog.

  2. white_pit says:

    Ya I dont agree with chaining. My pit is in my house as a family member, and when outside she is loose in a big fenced yard. The chain, or rope as it is, is only a punishment method that I use. It works quite well actually!

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