Kennel Website Design

January 13, 2007

If your looking for quality website design for your kennel, I recomend Bulldog Designs & Kennel Page. Both do a great job. Kennel Page’s prices are unbeleivable too!



January 12, 2007

Studs (aka a good producing male pit bull) are a key element for breeding dogs. IF you just take any old “red” pit bull and breed her to your girl, the chances of a good dog coming out are slim to none. do your research! find out the best bloddline for your dog, and go with it. Breeding quality dogs, and becoming good at it, takes years of expeirence. I suggest you leave breeding to professionals unless your fully prepared to keep every puppy and DO YOUR RESEARCH!

The average stud fee is $400
which isnt bad at all.

So if you want to start your own ‘yard’ or kennel, you go out, buy the best female you can find, line up the dogs papers, like up the dogs performance wise and breed your female to the best stud you can find. Then keep/trade your pups and continue breeding.
thats the very basic idea of creating a solid foundation of dogs. Theres alot more detail involved so feel free to ask questions!

Putting Pit Bulls On Chains…

January 5, 2007

Alot of new people, well, people in general do not beleive in putting a dog on a chain. My input is, if you have only one dog, keep him inside, if you have more than one, put em on a chain.

I dont mean that as in just a chain, my setup is half chains and the other half 20 ft. kennel runs.
I DONT beleive in using monter size chains, there just no reason. Put a nice size chain that your FOR SURE will hold your dog and stick with it.

How To Read A Pedigree From APBT Online Peds!

January 4, 2007

okay, here we go 😀

Since Its a large screen I have broken it down into parts. The pedigree we will be using is Ch. Chinamans’
The first part being the main info area about the dog.

ch. chinaman example
OWNER:    TOM GARNER – The Current/Last Owner Of The Dog
The Weight At Which It’s In Top Condition or “Hunting Weight”
BIRTHDATE:   1977-11-29
webmaster – You won’t see this unless your a subscriber at APBT online peds.
POSTED:   2001-04-09
LAST MODIFIED:   2001-04-09
No OF VIEWS:   137350 times
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Okay so thats the first part, ya with me?

This box is right below the one above. This is where it gets a little more confusing.
Here it is explained a little better. If you dont know what all the symbols mean, i.e (ROM) or CH. Search For It At the Top Right side Of the site.

I dont know if i want to venture off into how line breeding, in breeding, and other types of breeding can help/hurt a dog. There are +/- to it and i dont want alot of controversey with it.

But for now enjoy this and learn

Here is a live example of the stuff above

Some Common Bloodlines

January 4, 2007

Well, alot of new people are always wanting to know ALL the Pit Bull Bloodlines there are. Im not going to do that but I will tell you the most popular
They are (in no specific order)*
HoneyBunch (like Jeep)
Boyles Dogs
Patrick Blood
Earl Jr.
Hardcore Stuff

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head.
Then those are borken down to more bloodlines, It can get very confusing quickley.
Tomorrow I will go in depth with APBT Online Pedigree Center, and how to read them 😀

The Infamous “35”

December 29, 2006

Well as promised, here is a quick story of the famous dog “35” He weighed only 35 lbs. and was bought by Tudor I wanna say. I am not exactly sure. 35 was a phenomenal dog! HE was bought from a crack head for…you guessed it, $35.00!

Well 35 went on to become a Grand Champion and he wasnt ever registered. I have not seen any dogs down from this bloodline which leads me to beleive he couldnt produce anything that was worth writing home about.

but there you have it. A dog bought for 35 bucks that probably was worth 5,000 when he died.



December 28, 2006

So people are always wanting to know, how much should I pay for a dog? So here’s what I normally pay…

For a puppy, depending on the bloodline and parents $300-$600
 – Theres no point in spending $1,000+ on a puppy when you dont really know ANYTHING about it. A $300 dog can be just as good, if not better, than a $1,000 dog. **(Read Tomorow and I’ll give you a perfect example!)

For a full grown gyp (Strictly Breeding Female) I’d pay around $2,000

For a hunting dog (one that is full grown and ready to go) Somewhere around $1,000-$2,000

Now im talking strictly gamedogs, for blue dogs thats a WHOLE other game. They range from $300-$5,000+ !!!

So, tomorrow I will be giving a real good of example of how size doesn’t always matter and how you can get an awesome dog and not have to pay 1,000 bucks for it. 🙂