Feeding Time!

Diamond Dog Food
Well, also in inspiration of winter time, i decided to blog about feeding you pit bulls.
To start I use Diamond Dog Food. It’s a quality feed and doesn’t hurt the wallet. I also recomend Canidae. I do not recomend Ukanuba, or however you spell it.

Now, how much should you feed? Of course everyone is a dog food expert som I’m just going to tell you how much I feed. I give all my dogs, on a regualr day, 2-1/2  –  3-1/2 cups of dry food a day. This changes depending on the dog, the weather, and if there conditioning or not. If there conditioing I feed a little chicken broth and max. protein dog food. If it’s cold, like now, I give them a little less ’cause I dont walk/work them as much.

I am interested in knowing what everyone wants me to blog about. Please, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll answer 🙂


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