Starting A Kennel

If you have, or plan on starting a kennel, here is a bit of advice.
Now to start, for everyone thats new, When I say kennel, I mean become a breeder. Alot of time people say, oh, your a kennel owner, Can I keep my pet with you? lol, no. Im not a damn boarding kennel.

Anyway, here is how I went about starting my kennel and foundation.

First, I got the best female I could get my hand on, I paid $2,000 dollars for her, Now, Ive been given dogs for free that were awesome so money doesnt always count. But i had seen this dog perform and new she had what it took.

I then lined up three of the top studs at the time, One matching her bloodline real close, one was her father, and the other was a heavy mouthed dog.
My bitch really lacked in the mouth but was game and could throw some decent puppies.

I decided to back her up to the hard mouthed dog. He was Mayday bred. The pups came out great, there was 5 of them. At the time I only had one dog. I kept all of the puppies, raised them, and seen how they acted. I then took my best make and best femal and bred them like this…Female went back into the my foundations dad, the one i was gonna breed to, and male went into another breeding simiar to this one. I then had about 13 pups/dogs all around. I decided to shorten back some. It took 6 months but I evaluated each dog carefully. I kept my best 6 and found another home for the rest. I now had 6 of the best dogs/pups on my side of town, the heat was picking up, and I knew word would get out about my beast, It was time for a show down…
2 be continued…


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