About A Comment

I love writing back about comments. You can view which one I am talking about my scrolling down, it’s under Breeding For Color.

Now, to defend my case.

The American Pit Bull Terrier was in fact bred for PERFORMANCE and PERFORMANCE ONLY. There “creators” did not care about color as much as performance. yes, today ALOT (TO MANY) people breed pits for color. Which I dont think is right. If you were looking for a pet bull blog there are plenty out there… This is for the REAL American Pit Bull Terrier. The people who made the dogs what they are today, My grandfather happens to be one of those men. I actually prefer ugly dogs, and would never think twice about breeding for color. I do not show my dogs, although many gamedogs are shown. If a dog can’t compete, he’s not bred. period.


2 Responses to About A Comment

  1. bully lover says:

    Ignorance is always bliss. You must be in heaven. Humans didn’t ‘create’ these dogs. They were bred and cross bred looking for specific characteristics. Life evolved as it does and things like color became a factor. At least it did for people who look at the big picture. I personally didn’t look for color as a factor when I chose my AmStaff and my APBT. I don’t believe that people breed for color alone as there are many factors, but the dogs are line bred (and in too many cases in-bred) attempting to define the desired characteristic. Color is a bonus as far as I am concerned but other people would place a bigger value to it as they appreciate the animal as a whole. Since these dogs have been around for centuries, I seriously doubt that your grandfather was one of the ‘originators’ of the breed. He may have bred them, but unless he is as old as Ancient Rome, I’m going to go with history on that one.

  2. pitbull says:

    lol. Thus I said “created” I didnt mean it literaly. Plain and simple bully lover. The Amercian Pit Bull Terrier was SUPPOSE to be bred for performance NOT color. My grandfather’s name is problably in any real Amercian Pit bull Terriers Pedigree today.

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