Should A Gr.Ch. Lose It’s Title If It Loses?

Okay, here’s the scoop. Lets say a dog is going after its Gr. Ch. (Grand Champion) title and it loses, the dog automatically goes back to 0 wins practically. So lets say a dog already has a Gr. Ch. status and he loses, making it his 6th show, should he lose his Gr. Ch. status? I think not!
The majority of Gr. Ch. dogs are very old, and any vet will tell you, a dog only has so much gameness before he’ll stop. So I don’t think its fair to drop the status. Plus, if it came from a POR or ROM dog, it will have a huge effect on ROM dogs status.
For those who don’t know these words, please scroll down to the first couple of post.
What do you think?


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