Breeding For Color

A huge NO! I here people ALL THE TIME say “whoa that dog is an awesome red color, he’d make awesome pups with my red nose dog.” These dogs, in the beginning, were bred for performance. The best was bred to the best, PERIOD. I dread hearingpeople talk about breeding dogs for color. To many people jump in to quick and don’t wanna learn.


10 Responses to Breeding For Color

  1. bully lover says:

    One of the considerations when breeding dogs is color as you want a well performing dog who looks good. Some people want pits for pets, not performers and in that case color is definitely a factor in the decision. The AKC discourages certain colors for AmStaffs so again, color is a factor depending on what you plan to do with the dog. Also, ABDA has recently come into controversy with Pits because of colors. Certain colors can be disqualifiers. Try a bit of research before spouting off.

  2. pitbull says:

    the ADBA will register a freagin black lab and who said anything about AKC?

  3. bully lover says:

    AKC recognizes AmStaff ONLY. ABDA will recognize American Pit Bull Terrier. They are all called “pit bulls” because they have certain traits.

    “Pit bull dog” means any pit bull terrier. “Pit bull terrier” means any American pit bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American bulldog or American Staffordshire terrier breed of dog or any mixed breed of dog which contains as an element of its breeding the breed of American pit bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American bulldog or American Staffordshire terrier so as to be identifiable as partially of the breed American pit bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American bulldog or American Staffordshire terrier. (Ord. 2004-32 § 1, 2004: Ord. 2001-32 § 1, 2001: Ord. 98-27 § 1, 1998: Ord. 3034 § 1 (part), 1987).

  4. pitbull says:

    What are you talking about????? the AKC has nothing to with me, this blog, nor my dogs. so drop them. they reg’ show dogs for all im concerned. Pit bulls are called lots of things. I call them bulldogs all the time. You are wrong. How the hell does pit bull terrier “stand” for amstaff, bulldog, and staffies? I think you need to read more. Your using your own preference to defend your case here. Why are you arguing with me? The Amercian Pit Bull Terrier WAS SUPPOSE TO BE BRED FOR GAMENESS AND PERFORMANCE. PERIOD.

  5. bully lover says:

    I didn’t write that blurb. It is incorporated into the breed specific legislation act. Perhaps it is you that needs to read more. AKC and ADBA have to do with the COLORS, remember? They are the ones who set the standards for breeding. And the people who follow those standards is who it is important to. People who breed the dog for other reasons don’t care. American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull Terriers are regarded as different dogs. For legal purposes-such as outlawing them-the term ‘Pit Bull’ is used to describe a wide variety of breeds. It has nothing to do with my opinion and I have no case to defend. Merely pointing out that single viewed people have difficulty seeing the big picture. And the dogs were originally bred for bull baiting (outlawed in the 1800’s) and fighting. There is nothing ‘gamey’ about that at all. My dogs are part of my family and they are treated as such.

  6. pitbull says:

    okay, once again this blog isn’t about BSL nor staffies, nor what some people think are a pit bull. The ADBA doesn’t have to with colors, more like history, thus they are a registering service to keep track of pure bred’s histories. They may have set the standard for breeding show dogs…once again this isn’t a show dog blog. This blog is for performance bred american pit bull terriers. I have many friends who based there entire yard of a non registered dog. WE are not in it for pretty paper work, we are in it for pretty performance. paper is just a way to keep track of whats doing what. I do realize that many people think everyhting it a pit bull. Good luck trying to convince the world of this. I am here to share my knowledge with people that have some sort of understanding. I’m not going to spoon feed everyone. If they want to learn, they will learn. I would like to know one thing though. How is bull baiting and dog fighting not include gameness??? those sports were built ON gameness, not the other way around. My dogs are family as well, but they are also preservedto there original heritage by selective breeding and loooking for specific traits original APBT had.

  7. bully lover says:

    gee, I thought it was a site for anyone who appreciated Pit Bulls. I didn’t know you discriminated.

    You obvioulsy believe you know everything there is to know about this matter. You must have reached enlightenment. I just happend to enjoy all ‘bull’ breeds and always look for sites that appreciate this misunderstood breed. I see now that I was incorrect.

  8. pitbull says:

    yes you were. I’m not looking to change everyones opinion of the APBT. I am trying to help educate the people who are interested in learning the truth.

  9. PITBULLS RULE says:

    i truly believe when it comes to breeding,the best should be bred with the best and should follow the standard of the we all know that the most outstanding quality of the apbt is that it is a game dog at the core(
    and should be.)and not a poofy show dog and that is the original standard of the kind makes me wonder if there will be a debate at some point in time between “game apbts” and ‘non-game apbt”,like there was between apbt and am staffs at one point in time(and if your still arguing that,then your in need of schooling).but as far as breeding for color,thats for show dogs really and ive never seen the apbt as a show dog,not to say that it isnt used as one,just not in my point of view.ive owned game pits and less game pits and all i can say is that i loved them all no matter what they looked like,i just believe that whats inside counts most.if your trying to solely breed a apbt srtictly for color then your breeding the the dog for “walkable bling”and forgetting the real pit bull.i say breed for good dogs only and if they happen to look good then theres no harm in the end of the day apbts’rule!breeding an american pit bull terrier for color can hurt the breed.

  10. PITBULLS RULE says:

    i ment to say in my last paragraph,to breed an apbt JUST for color can hurt the breed,any breed.breed good dogs first and foremost.

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