Pit Bulls As Protective Dogs

A comment inspired this one.
Yes, a Pit Bull can be used for protection purposes. Is it the best dog for the job? NO. Also, just cause your Pit hits the end of his leash when someone strange comes around, or barks at every damn thing in site, doesn’t make it a “guard” dog. Did you know 85% of dogs WILL not attack someone if your being harmed? They have to be trained to that stuff.

Oki so lets summarize this.
A Rott was bred, for many years, to be a GREAT guard dog. So in turn it makes him easy to train, and it almost come natural to him to “guard”

A Pit Bull was bred for sporting events, like fighting, competitive events, and hunting. So that all comes natural to them. A VERY BIG misconception is “you have to train a dog to fight.” This is very un-untrue. 95% of time, it comes natural to them.


3 Responses to Pit Bulls As Protective Dogs

  1. Fairracing31 says:

    I have two Pit Bulls, the male is a Zebo and the female I dont know what she is I saved her from some Germany lady who left her for dead in a trash can. I leave my dogs inside the house whenever I leave them alone because the always seem to get hurt when left alone outside. Two years ago I came home from the store to find my back window broken and my dogs gone. I ran outside to my backyard to find my Dirtbike laying in the middle of the yard and my dogs sitting down looking up at my tree. Turns out some punk jumped my fence broke into my shed and tryed to steal my dirtbike. The punk told the police that he saw the dogs at the window and never thought they would bust threw it and attack him. He spent two days in the hospital and his parents actually wanted me to pay the bill. Anyways, I never trained my dogs to guard or attack, but I’m sure glad they did.

  2. pitbull says:

    Yea some dogs naturally know whats going on and whos good or not. Thats what I love about these dogs!

  3. Feng Shui says:

    Feng Shui…

    Feng Shui…

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