Rappers and Pits…

I personally dont think they mix. Again, its an IMAGE. I sometimes wish to go back in time, when this dog was the most beloved pet in America. When people were proud to own an American Pit Bull Terrier. I seen a huge, 100+ blue on the cover of a magazine with a rapper (who I wont say) and it just disgusted me. We need a more positive image, like pits with kids. Perhaps someone will start a free or low cost magazine…. Pits’ n’ Kidz’


6 Responses to Rappers and Pits…

  1. Stacey says:

    I think that pits are very protective and its all in the manner that you raise them on how they act. Just like any other dog or animal that you have as a pet.

  2. pitbull says:

    The Pit Bull Was Not Ment to be Aggressive. period.

  3. Jascha says:

    Pit Bulls were only ever bred to be aggressive towards other dogs. When they were fought the human handler would pull dogs apart to patch them up. So any dog that showed human aggression was put down no questions asked. And with correct socialization a “pit bull” can be a lover of other dogs as well. I know mine sure is!

  4. pitbull says:

    YES your 100% right about that. Some Pits simply cant be made pets. period. I love for you to take a triple bred Mayday dog and make him a lover to other dogs.

  5. the night the bait dog came to me on soundcloudmusic.com. not about the money i dont need it. the words need to be herd. punish the deed and not the breed.please please if u have any kind of a heart u will . thank you boy le roy

  6. my songs come from the heart and deep within not about a car a girl or some place i never been. cant stand the fact that the nfl let that scum bag mike vic play ball agin, bs. he killed some of his dogs by elec. shock. scum bag should get life in prison

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