Our World Is Shortening

I was recently asked this question:
Do the majority of Pit Bull owners fight their dog(s) ?

My immediate response was a definite low, I’d say 20% with Pit Bulls fight them and 15% of them do it completely ‘hood’ style. The other 5% are the professionals who have a complete understanding, which some can’t seem to find professionalism in a bloody sport like dog fighting, but it exist.

Hood style:
A Pit Bull is an image. They want to look tough, cool, and think that a strong, courageous Pit will make them look the same (yea right). They normally have 1 or 2 dogs and fight them when someone thinks there tougher. Normally they have no real knowledge of the American Pit Bull Terrier and they don’t seem to care.

“professional” style:
Dogmen as there referred to, have a fine knowledge of the sport, they’ve more than likely been involved many years and aren’t in it for the money (we will touch grounds on this later). They meet a disclosed location, sign a contract (which looks like its been written by attorneys) and very strict rules are put into play.

This is my interpretation, I don’t in any way think that dog fighting is okay. Its bloody & We at Pitoogle don’t like blood 🙂


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