A Bloodline

Bloodlines are probably one of the most complicated things when talking about the pit bull. Everyone wants to know which ones are the best… Which ones do this… Which ones do that… Well I’m here to tell you ALL DOGS ARE DIFFERENT!
Now on to what a Bloodline is.
A bloodline in the ‘old days’ was based on who bred the dog. For instance is Tom Garner had a nice yard and many dogs came down from him the line of dog was considered the Tome Garners line.
These days however we base it which dog it came from.

we will take Chinaman for instance, or the Chinaman bloodline.
Chinaman was a fantastic dog, good in all aspects, and worthy of breeding, thus he became a ROM dog. Since he was so good at producing, the bloodline, Chinaman was formed.
So when people say they have a dog with the bloodline Chinaman in him, it means that somewhere back in his pedigree the Chinaman dog can be found.

Theres different twist and turns to go along with this and I will explain them as we go on.


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