A Dog Worth Mentioning

Gaines’ Ch. Turtlebuster (3xW)
well as you’ve learned so far, a Ch. stands for Champion, and the 3xW means he’s won 3 shows, making him a Ch.
Gaines' Champion Turtlebuster 3xW
Click His Pic For A Pedigree*
Here is a little excerpt from the book by Richard Stratton.
This dog with the odd name is the essence of gameness and everything that is good in a Bulldog, including outstanding temperament. He was an eager worker and easy to condition. He seemingly viewed films of his opponent’s matches and went into battle with a game plan. Turtlebuster was sired by Brutus, who in turn was down from the great Kingfish dog that has sired so many good Pit Bulls, and out of Gaines’s Game and Grit.

So what makes this dog interesting? He produced very well for one, and two this “bloodline” is
fairly hard to find.

In the near future I will be going in depth about pedigrees, what they mean, how
to read them, and Etc.


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